About Us


  • Software design, Specification, Requirement Analysis
  • Actual core implementation (programming which is often the most important portion
    of software development)
  • Other required implementations (e.g. installation, configuration, customization,
    integration, data migration)
  • Participation in software product definition, including business case or gap analysis
  • Development and refinement of throw-away simulations or prototypes to confirm requirements
  • Feasibility and cost–benefit analysis, including the choice of application architecture
    and framework, leading to the budget and schedule for the project
  • Authoring of documentation needed by users and implementation partners etc.
  • Testing, including defining/supporting acceptance testing and gathering feedback
    from pre-release testers
  • Participation in software release and post-release activities, including support
    for product launch evangelism (e.g. developing demonstrations and/or samples) and
    competitive analysis for subsequent product build/release cycles
  • Maintenance
HTML5 80%
CSS 90%
.NET 98%
Microsoft SQL 85%
Azure Services 70%
Amazon AWS 65%
PHP 78%
NodeJS 70%
Angular 50%
Javascript/Jquery 98%
Python 80%
Odoo 98%

About Team

With a culture of collaboration, a roster of talent, and several office pooches, the Just Codify team is active in the good community, interested in what’s next, and generally pleasant to be around.

Jay A.

Founder & CEO
Web & Cloud

  • Master Of Computer Application, S.P. University, Gujarat, India.
  • Domestic and International IT experience since 2010.
  • 9+ years experience of working in various companies in India before Just Codify officially started.

Pooja A.


  • Master Of Computer Application, Gujarat University, India.
  • Domestic and International IT experience since 2014.
  • 4+ years experience of working in various companies in India before Just Codify officially started.